Few words on what we mean when we propose businesses to outsource part of their process or entire projects:

  • Our experience combined with our talented team can help you greatly by taking on specific tasks or entire projects.
  • We have the gear, software, and we can scale our team quickly, which means you can increase your capacity.
  • A range of services: We handle it all. Every audio and video format and every possible project involving them. You can’t possibly surprise us – whatever you want to do with audio and video, we can handle it for you.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: We guarantee that you will be not just satisfied but excited by the final product we deliver. There’s no wiggle room in that language, either. It’s a guarantee!

About our process:

  1. A successful project begins with an effective planning meeting, clear communication and well-defined expectations We consult with you, our client: We listen. We identify your goals, and we give you every possible opportunity to weigh in and give feedback and instruction.
  2. With the goals outlined, we assign a team and resources to the project. Both are dedicated, and the team members are handpicked for their skill sets and experience.
  3. We get to work – we get excited about each new project and we stand behind all of our work – and we simply will not deliver a project we’re not absolutely confident in. Period.
  4. We communicate throughout the process, depending on your communication style and expectations.
  5. We deliver quality results on time.

Range of applications and use cases

The range of application and use cases that makes outsourcing such a great choice is very wide. Here’s a list of the type of projects you can outsource with us:

  • A complete branding or re-branding process for your business, product, service, non-profit or even a movement.
  • Cutting edge hosting solution for your website or your application.
  • Application development.
  • Website design or re-design.
  • Video and audio creation and post-production.
  • Marketing: we have the tools, the competence and the network of contacts needed to put together whatever type of marketing campaign you need.
  • Social Media presence and strategy.
  • E-commerce solutions.

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