Disappearing YouTube Videos and Censorship Resistance

This is what I ran into when I visited the ‘Videos’ section of a known activist organization. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

YouTube is censoring videos they don’t approve of ideologically. Their censorship will continue. What options do we have to make them irrelevant?

This is what I ran into when I visited the ‘Videos’ section of a known activist organization. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

YouTube is only one of the Big Tech companies currently operating as publishers while benefiting from their status as a platform. It’s a great injustice and much harm has been done to many people because of it. The champions of free speech are scrambling to find solutions but who can compete with a platform that has had so many years to mature their technology and has cornered the social video space like YouTube have?


But who is it that really has a problem with YouTube’s censorship? Only creators whose narrative goes against the tenets of Leftist Utopia, the cult of Big Tech. Big Tech wants to remake mankind according to their likeness and image. This is how they believe the world’s problems will be solved. Anything that goes against their utopian agenda is ‘the enemy’. It could be crypto currency aficionados and the decentralized web, or the anti-jihadist activists. It doesn’t matter. They are bent on reshaping the world as we once knew it.

The key thing to understand here is that ‘the masses’ have no problem with censorship. This is why Censorship Tube still dominates. If Censorship Tube bans someone, the masses don’t necessarily make the effort to follow their formerly favorite creator, they just find someone else who is still on Censorship Tube. The majority of people, being creatures of habit, once they figure out how to use some basic technologies such as email, Facebook and YouTube, don’t want to spend the time re-learning something that they just became familiar with. In other words, Censorship Tech exploits the natural resistance of people to change. Convenience becomes more important that whatever ‘truth’ people claim to believe in.

And so, “…good buy de-platformed creators, it was nice knowing you. We’ll find someone similar to you and we’ll learn to like whatever they have to say, because honestly, this other platform you moved to – it’s not as smooth or as fancy as what I’m used to. Sorry!

This would be the confession banned content creators would probably hear if their audiences were to be honest.

So what are we to do?

It begins with re-thinking our relationship with technology. We are to be masters of technology, not the other way around. We determine how much and what technology we get to use, we don’t let someone else make these decisions for us. We take responsibility for our digital footprint and who do we serve with it. If 10% of the Big Tech user base pulled the plug on the ‘free’ services offered by these totalitarian giants within the next month, the impact would be enormous. Such services would be for example:

  • Free email
  • Free search
  • Free storage (file storage and sharing)
  • Free video
  • Free chat/messaging

There are truly excellent non-Big Tech solutions in all these categories. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to get off the Big Tech reservation and move out in DIGITAL LIBERTY!


I believe the best way content creators can deal with censorship specifically in the video space is to train their audiences to follow their websites and receive their emails, rather then through social media platforms, no matter how pro-free speech these platforms say they are. New generation blockchain-based social media platforms are emerging but they aren’t ready for prime-time yet. Therefore the most practical approach would be to:

  • Create well designed, responsive websites that serve content flawlessly
  • Obtain a non-ICANN controlled domain name such as those offered by HNS based namebase.io
  • Host assets such as video, audio and images on the decentralized web, even if you use conventional hosting
  • Become a champion of liberty and educate others
  • Use non-Big Tech email services to reach your audience

If the above rings true and you feel like this is the time to start doing something to ensure you won’t lose content and followers, get in touch with me so we can learn more about your needs and how we might be able to help you find suitable solutions that deal with digital censorship in your own specific circumstances!


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