Presearch – the Blockchain Competitor of Google Search

If you still haven’t heard about Presearch this might be a good time for you to learn about this amazing Google Search competitor.

Online Search is part of the battleground in the war for freedom of speech. Who would have believed that American and the Western world in general will have a problem with censorship? And yet it’s true.

Big Tech has made it clear they are bent on suppressing, shadow-banning and otherwise purging anyone whose views they dislike. After President Donald Trump took the use of Twitter to a whole new level as a way to communicate directly with the world during his four years in the White House, Twitter demonstratively suspended his account using lame excuses based on false allegations. Curiously enough, tons of accounts operated by all kinds of proven bad actors, both state and non-state, remain on Twitter.

Now let’s set social networks aside for a moment and turn our attention to search.

Google’s search engine dominates the search market and they totally take advantage of their position. They can control who and what is found when you search, as well as who and what isn’t found.

Enter Presearch!

Here’s what’s cool about Presearch besides the fact that their CEO seems to be a true champion of free speech and is against censorship. Presearch is a true Web 3.0 search engine. It’s part of the new blockchain economy and it’s tied to the PRE token!

That’s right – you get rewarded for searching when using PreSearch.

You can install the Presearch extensions for Chrome and Firefox-based browsers and make PreSearch your default search engine. Personally I recommend Brave browser. Presearch scours the Internet and taps into everything Google Search has to offer and much more.

PreSearch doesn’t track and mine your data. In fact they reward you for searching through Presearch – now you get a small piece of the search economy, too. Did Google ever to this for us? Not at all. They used us and then at some point began to wage war on us.

How about the search experience while using PreSearch? There isn’t much you need to change about what you do online except that now you will get better search results and will earn PRE tokens. How cool is that!

The best thing to do is to jump in and try it out.

Here is a sign up link – full disclosure, it’s my affiliate link so I appreciate it if you sign up through it. You can then go to your profile, grab your own affiliate link and give it to bunch of your friends to sign up. Keep in mind that when people sign up and you start accumulating tokens as a reward, you won’t be able to get credit for these rewards until each new sign up has accrued at least 50 tokens themselves and has remained as an active Presearch user for more than 30 days. This is a good way to prevent the system from bots and fraudulent signups.

That’s it! Now go ahead, signup for Presearch and spread the word – this is how we’ll topple Google beginning with Search!

Time to take totalitarian Google down and for all of us to benefit from the new blockchain economy! PreSearch make this possible!!!

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