How valuable is your data to you?

I would like to ask you a question but please don’t answer it immediately. Take your time. Think about it.

How valuable is your data to you?


To someone you might just be a ‘consumer’. To you, you are you. Your life has great value and much of our lives now are tied to various data: documents, pictures, video, audio and more.

Big Tech knows this. They are offering people storage solutions assuring you just how much they care about your data being backed up so as to prevent data loss for example. But is this all they do? No, the mine your data, too. They abuse the trust relationship you choose to be in with them when you sign up for one of their ‘free’ plans (there’s no such thing as a free lunch) , and they don’t even want you to know about it. So you end up paying them…to mine you and exploit your data, which is an integral part of your life.


Solopreneur, work-a-preneur, entrepreneur, sole proprietor or a small business owner – whatever size your data needs are, Big Tech knows about. And they want to “help” you, too. They’ll mine your data, too. They’ll upsell on all kinds of bells and whistles you might not need. But how do you know? I guess they are the experts, right?

Wrong! Big Tech cares for only one thing – to make the little guy dependent on their technology. Good luck with the rest! Case in point, have you ever tried talking to Microsoft support? Yeah, exactly. The rest of them aren’t much different.

At One InterWeb we treat you like we would like someone else to treat us:

  • We’ll do our best to first understand what you truly need so you don’t have to pay for stuff you don’t need, be it a storage solution fitted to your needs, private cloud, or security.
  • We’ll educate you on how to make the most use of whatever technology you’ll end up using.
  • We’ll share the journey with you and we’ll be happy to help you grow and expand as your business grows and expands. And again, keeping an eye on the bottom line.
  • You will have a quick go-to when it comes to technology, saving you tons of time when it comes to researching the solutions you’re looking for. Secure email? We can tell you what’s legit and what’s hype. Cloud storage such as NextCloud? The same. We can also offer you these solutions and the best part of it all: your data is your data. Nobody will mine you, exploit you and nickel and dime you every time you add a gigabyte of storage to your cloud.

How valuable is your data to you? My guess – it’s very valuable. Do you have to pay an arm and a leg to keep your data secure, safe and available at all times? Not with our solutions. How much will we mine your data? Never. When you switch over from you favorite digital abuser and get all your data over to your own, private and secure cloud, updating on all your devices with lightning speed, always available, backed up and ready to go, I can promise you one thing, the feeling you will get is: you are valuable and you’re well taken care of. And that’s a good feeling to have when it comes to how the data part of your life is being managed.


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